About AF

Over a century ago, Jules Verne and Louis Pasteur, along with other illustrious visionaries, designed the structure for the Alliance Française.

Based upon the initiative of the civil society the exchange of cultural and linguistic values, the Alliance Française still contributes to the gathering of thousands of women and men who hold those values and want to continue to do so.

People who come to our classes are interested in what we share as well as our cultural differences.

Alliance Française’s not only promote the French language culture, they are fuelled by a passion for mutual enrichment.

The success of such a momentum, standing as an alternative to the downside of a uniform globalization, translates into an ever growing enrolment. Alliance Française chapters are opening all worldwide throughout the world (for instance in China and Russia) and student enrolment is growing at the rate of over 6% annually. Both vouch for the modernity and vitality of a concept which is young and centenarian at the same time.