The Alliances Françaises are Canadian non-profit, apolitical and non-religious associations. There are academic schools of excellence in French as a second language, tailored to the demands and customs of the Canadian market.

The Alliances Françaises are also exam centres for internationally-recognized tests and diplomas (DELF, DALF, DEAFLE, TCF and TEF).

They provide venues for the expression and exhibition of francophone cultures from here and elsewhere, which promotes intercultural dialogue.

Did you know ?

Canadian Alliances Françaises are recognized as official exam centres by the Canadian immigration authorities (TEF, TCF, TCFQ, TEFaQ).
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The Canadian AF in figures:

  • 9 Alliances Françaises in Canada
  • 274 expert teachers
  • 13 376 students in 2018
  • More than 511 000 class hours each year
  • 453 cultural events in 2018

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