Purpose and mission

The Coordination represents the Fondation Alliance Française in Canada.

  • It is responsible for upholding the principles of good governance and quality demands that account for the Alliance Française brand worldwide.
  • It provides advice to directors and board of directors on legal matters.
  • It is through the Coordinator that new Alliances Françaises are created. The Coordinator evaluates the detailed proposals before they are transferred to Paris.

With the sole intention of scrupulously respecting their Canadian identity and political neutrality, the general delegate suggests that the Alliances Françaises create and maintain keep strong links with all parties in the Canadian cultural and diplomatic services.

With its representative and communicative purpose and the trust of its partners, the Coordinator is able to successfully carry out its primary objectives: leading a network, encouraging exchanges, sharing skills, uniting participants in the goals of providing a high-quality, instruction and cultural programming.


The Coordinator offers assistance and supports to the 9 teaching AFs of the Canadian network in diagnosis, counsel, and professionalization of administrative and teaching staff.

In cooperation with the AFs directors, the Coordinator designed a customized language program for the entire network.

Every year, the Coordinator establishes a language program that relies on external stakeholdersand relevant human resources.

These training activities are attended and taught with great enthusiasm by directors, teachers, administrative workers and centre directors.