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Alliance Française Halifax is officially accredited as an examination centre for DELF-DALF diplomas, TCF evaluation (Centre International d'Etudes Pédagogiques) as well as TEF-eTEF evaluation (Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris)

A comparison and summary of all certifications is available in this table.

For more information on each certification, please read on, or contact:

Anne-Geneviève Guiot, directrice pédagogique:
(902) 455-4411 or



What is the DELF-DALF ?

DELF and DALF are a series of 6 French diplomas recognized worldwide:
DELF, Diplôme d'études en langues française, A1, A2, B1 & B2 and
DALF, Diplôme approfondi de langue française, C1 & C2.
A Junior version of the exam is offered to teenagers and a 'prim' version to children.

Which one of these exams should I take ?

The answer depends on your level.

My class A1.1 A1.2 A1.3 A2.1 A2.2 A2.3 A2.4 B1.1 B1.2 B1.3 B1.4 B1.5
My exam
Delf A1
Delf A2
Delf B1

If you are not currently following a course with us, please take the online test

When are the exams taking place?

Twice a year for adults, three times a year for teenagers.
The dates of the next sessions are as follow:

  • DELF-Junior: November 30 to December 3, 2010 (Registration from October 18 to November 19, 2010).
  • DELF-DALF for adults: November 22 to 26, 2010 (Registration from October 11 to November 12, 2010).

For more info please contact us at (902) 455-4411 or

Why should I take this exam?

Amongst other reasons:

  • To validate what I have learnt so far.
  • To broaden my resume.
  • To study or work in a French speaking country / province.
  • To value my abilities.

The next video, produced by the 'EF Oxford' school, mentions the DELF-DALF amidst the major international linguistic diplomas:

What is the examination process?

There are four examinations: reading, listening, writing and speaking.

View some examples here

How much does it cost?

A1 or A2: $ 70
B1 or B2: $ 120
C1 or C2: $ 160


TCF : Test de Connaissance du Français

We can help you preparing the TCF ( or French competency test)

This is a French test awarded by the French Ministry of Education:

  • TCF assesses candidates' level in French for general purposes. It is intended for people who are not native French speakers who, for professional, personal or academic reasons, want to have their competency in French assessed and certified simply, reliably and quickly.

  • The TCF is a standardised and graded test designed by the CIEP (Centre International d'Etudes Pédagogiques), a Language Tester and member of ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe), using an extremely rigorous method that makes it a genuine measuring instrument.

  • All candidates receive a certificate of results that positions them at one of the six levels (from A1 to C2) of the competency scale defined by the Council of Europe (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). This means that it is not possible to fail the TCF.

For information, and to register for the training course and/or the exam, please contact Isabelle Pédot or Anne-Geneviève Guiot at 455-4411.

Detailed Information

What is the TCF?

TCF is the French Education Ministry's test of French language ability.
It is a comprehensive language placement test for non-native speakers of French who wish to obtain a quick, simple, effective and precise evaluation of their general language skills for professional or personal reasons. It follows the six-level proficiency scale of the Council of Europe.

Why take the TCF?

  • Personal - obtain an evaluation of your speaking, writing and comprehension skills in French. The TCF provides a snapshot of your proficiency in French at the time you take the test.

  • Work - the TCF certificate is a benchmark of your language abilities and may be used to endorse job applications or applications for internal promotion.

  • Study - the certification process is designed according to international standards and is recognized by French universities and Grandes Ecoles as meeting French language requirements for entry.

    Candidates who have never taken the DALF exam and who wish to register as undergraduates in a French College or in a school of architecture should register to take the TCF-DAP (Demande d'Admission Préalable).
  • About the test

  • TCF has three compulsory tests (1.5 hours) and two optional ones (2 hours) Compulsory tests: listening comprehension, language structures, reading comprehension. Optional tests: oral expression, written expression.
  • Each candidate is promptly awarded a certificate featuring the test results valid for two years.
  • TCF-DAP has four compulsory tests: Listening, Language Structure, Reading and Writing
  • Where and when to take the test?

    Tests are given at the Alliance Française Halifax.
    There is one session a year, before the end of Febuary.

    If you want to register for the premier cycle or first stage of undergraduate studies (green or white form) or for a school of architecture (yellow form) in France and you do not have the DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française, or advanced diploma in French language), you must take the specific TCF (Test de Connaissance du Français, or French competency test) called the "TCF pour la DAP" or TCF for DAP (Demande d'Admission Préalable, or preliminary admission application). More information: Click here

    Who is the TCF for?

    Any non-French-speaker who, for personal, academic or professional reasons, wants to have their competency in French assessed and certified reliably and by way of a recognised test.

    Please note: The TCF was designed to be taken by older teenagers (aged 16 or over) and adults


    Option A

    Compulsory test only
    Option B

    Compulsory test + oral exam
    $125 $190
    Option C

    Compulsory test + written exam
    Option D

    Compulsory test + written + oral
    $190 $230

    Option E



  • The fees are subject to change according to the value of the Euro around the time of the exam.
  • It is possible to register for the optional tests alone. This option is available to you when you have already taken the compulsory sections of the TCF no more than 2 years before taking the optional ones. Rates are as follows: $65 for the written test and $65 for the oral test.
  • Payments must be made in full at the time of registration. No refund or credit will be made under any circumstances once the registration is processed, unless Alliance Française has to cancel a session of tests (in which case you will be fully refunded). Visa / Mastercard/ Interac / Certified Cheque or Personal Cheque are accepted.
  • How to prepare for the TCF?

    Although no class specifically prepares to the TCF, any course will help your comprehension and conversation skills. Please contact us if you need advice on the course(s) you may need.

    Please contact Anne-Geneviève Guiot, directrice pédagogique:
    (902) 455-4411 or

    How to register?

    Please contact Anne-Geneviève Guiot, directrice pédagogique:
    (902) 455-4411 or


    TEF : Test d'Evaluation du Français

    The TEF is reliable instrument for measuring your skills in French and is recognized by the Canadian Government.
    DELF / DALF at the Alliance Française

    The Alliance Française is the only center in Nova-Scotia to provide the TEF exam. The TEF is a widely recognized test offered by the Paris Chamber of Commerce (CCIP) that will allow you to demonstrate your fluency to your employer. It is also required by the Canadian immigration.

    The test consists of 3 compulsory papers:

    • Written comprehension
    • Listening comprehension,
    • Structure and vocabulary

    and 2 optional sub-tests required for Immigration purposes

    • Written expression
    • Oral expression

    The CCIP delivers a certificate that rates the candidate's quantitative and qualitative performance and provides an analysis of results which are valid for two years.


    Compulsory test


    Optional oral test


    Optional written test


    Compulsory + 2 optional tests


    Sessions are organized on demand.

    For payment modality, schedule, registation deadline and examination dates, please contact:

    Anne-Geneviève Guiot, directrice pédagogique :
    (902) 455-4411 or

    Detailed Information

    Examinations and diplomas

    The objective of the TEF is to assess the level of French of non-francophones. It is organized by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Since 2003, the test can be taken in Halifax at the Alliance Française.
    The TEF is neither a diploma nor a certificate. This means that it is impossible to fail the TEF. The test results vary for every individual and are validated by an official document attesting to the points earned each session by the candidate and to the linguistic and communication objectives attained. Comments on the test do not ony cover the candidate's linguistic and communication difficulties but also his/her speaking and comprehension skills in French.

    Taking the test: who and why?

    The Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry grants a certificate that is widely recognized by business firms and the French Ministry of National Education. As a result, it is easier to study and find employment in all French-language organizations.
    The TEF is recognized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The test results will be used by CIC as conclusive proof of your language skills.

    The TEF includes:

    3 compulsory modules (2 hours 10 minutes): Reading Comprehension / Listening Comprehension / Vocabulary and Sentence Structures
    2 optional modules (1 hour 35 minutes): Written Expression / Oral Expression
    The sections are based on various exercises and activities. For further information, please check the TEF website.

    Registering and getting ready

    A number of possibilities are available at the time of registration. The compulsory and optional modules may be taken at the same time. Candidates may choose to take only one of the optional modules or both on the same day. They may also choose to take the optional modules simply as a supplement to the compulsory modules; they have up to one year to do so after passing the compulsory modules. After this time limit, candidates must take the compulsory modules again.
    Candidates may obtain information on the various instructions for the modules in a candidate's manual which will be sent to them two weeks before each session, at the same time as their test notice. No prior diploma is required for the TEF. The TEF assesses candidates from an elementary to an advanced level.

    Please note that a photo is necessary for the registration.

    Registration fees
    Compulsory modules only: $190.00

    Optional modules only: $80 each.

    Compulsory + 2 optional modules: $350

    Registration fees are non-refundable.


    e-TEF is the online version of the test. It allows to organize an examination session almost on demand( a one week notice is required):
    You get results faster as all the compulsory modules are set up on the computer and answers sent by e-mail through a secured network