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  • For each test, the number of candidates is limited.
  • Electronic version of the tests only; any request for special accommodations must be made upon registration, and must be supported by documentary evidence (i.e. a doctor’s note mentioning the nature of the disability as well as the required accommodations). If you have any question or concern, contact us at or call us at 613-234-9470 #221.
  • Candidates are expected to be available for a full day to take all the modules of the TEF Canada, TEFaq and TEF.
  • An official notification of the test schedule and the candidate’s manual will be emailed to the candidates 5 to 10 business days prior to the test date.

Test d’Evaluation du Français (TEF) 2018

Type of test

Test date

Registration deadline

e-TEF tout public
e-TEF naturalisation16-fév11-janv
e-TEF Canada23-fév13-fév
e-TEF Canada9-mars27-fév
e-TEF tout public
  e-TEF naturalisation16-mars10-fév
 e-TEF Canada23-mars13-mars
e-TEF Canada13-avril3-avril
e-TEF tout public
e-TEF naturalisation20-avril17-mars
 e-TEF Canada27-avril17-avril
e-TEF Canada11-mai
e-TEF tout public
e-TEF naturalisation18-mai