Calendar 2018/2019

Upcoming sessions


  • For each test, the number of candidates is limited.
  • Electronic version of the tests only; any request for special accommodations must be made upon registration, and must be supported by documentary evidence (i.e. a doctor’s note mentioning the nature of the disability as well as the required accommodations). If you have any question or concern, contact us at or call us at 613-234-9470 #221.
  • Candidates are expected to be available for a full day to take all the modules of the TEF Canada, TEFaq and TEF.
  • An official notification of the test schedule and the candidate’s manual will be emailed to the candidates 5 to 10 business days prior to the test date.
Type of testTest dateRegistration deadline
TEF Canada (permanent residence and citizenship only)December 21stDecember 8th
eTEF Canada (résidence permanente et citoyenneté)January 11th 2019December 19th
eTEFaq (CSQ)January 23rd 2019January 10th
eTEF Canada (résidence permanente et citoyenneté)January 25th 2019January 12th
eTEF Canada (résidence permanente et citoyenneté)February 8th 2019January 26th
eTEFaq (CSQ)February 13th 2019January 31st
eTEF Canada (résidence permanente et citoyenneté)March 8th 2019February 23rd
eTEFaq (CSQ)March 13th 2019Fabruary 28th