Why should I give my employees the opportunity to learn French?

  • To provide a better service to my customers. For example, Ontario is Quebec’s second-ranking economic partner
  • To expand my operations to the Francophone markets: there are 8-9 million French-speakers in North America, French is the official language of 33 countries in the world
  • To benefit from a more efficient manpower

Why should I choose Alliance Française?


  • We work with you to design a schedule that is convenient for your company
  • Flexible in time: Training available throughout the day and evening
  • Flexible in location: at our downtown location or at your location


  • We offer you a great return on your investment:
  • Training plan built according to your objectives, thanks to a needs analysis questionnaire before the training
  • Competitive tuition fees.
    Participants are exposed to learning situations in a direct relationship with their professional environment.
  • The students satisfaction rate is 87%


  • BEFORE: We provide advices for the best possible training options and we assist you to organize the training.
  • DURING: We provide you on a regular basis with progress reports. Participants evaluate the training upon completion of each module.
    We ensure that the various learning activities involved in the training meet each participant’s professional objectives.
  • AFTER: We provide you with a comprehensive report and we solicit your feedback.


Alliance Française has been serving the Ottawa community since 1905. We benefit from the strength of a network (1300 Alliances around the world, 500,000 students each year), and from an international and local reputation.

Participants could register for an international recognized diploma.

For more information about diplomas :

What kind of training can we offer you? It’s your choice!

Please contact our Educational Director to know more about our options: 
Mrs. Julie Desbien: / 613-234-9470 ext.224