French Courses

The Alliance Française is world-renowned for the quality of its French courses. As an established leader in teaching French to people from other countries, it offers customized training for all levels (beginner to advanced and specialized courses) or for the student’s goals and characteristics: children, students, professionals, civil servants and people with focused or specific skills.

A school of academic excellence with its students’ needs in mind.

Teaching Focused on Learning

Learning a foreign language is about communication. The first stage of learning is oral and requires the ability to interact. At Alliance Française, we start with oral communication, using methods based on active student participation.

Students then work on their writing skills with comprehension and expression activities. From day one, learners practice the five skills it takes to master a language: oral comprehension, expression and interaction, as well as written comprehension and expression.

Our teaching program is based upon a communicative and active approach.  Right from the very beginning, students learn how to express themselves. Classes are small, to maximize efficiency. Exercises and tasks including information searches and communication-related exercises help stimulate the learning process.

The Alliance Française enters into a contract with each student, with a commitment to complete training in skills which are determined at the outset. The student’s commitment begins with sharing their objectives and continues with a technical evaluation to verify that those objectives have been met.

An Internationally Recognized Educational System

For 10 years, Alliance Française has benefited from advanced research in second language acquisition. Their teaching methods and evaluation system are modeled on the 6 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. (CEFRL)

This educational framework provides superior quality training and motivates students to understand, master and evaluate what they are learning and actively participate in the learning process.

The CEFRL allows students to continue their studies uninterrupted, anywhere in our worldwide network, even if they move or travel.

The aim of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) is to promote international and professional mobility. It provides a basis for the skills required at different levels of language proficiency as well as a reference system that establishes correlations between tests and ability levels. This means that students, teachers, and decision makers (universities, employers etc.) use the CEFRL to compare test results with other results in all languages.

Complete and Customized Instruction

Alliances Françaises offer intensive and extensive, day and evening, week and week-end classes. Each student can find the best plan for them, according to assignments and schedule.

Workshops in grammar, phonetics, civilization, literature, conversation, written improvement for both French and English speakers are available as complements to standard French classes.

The AF also offers corporate programs.

Expert Teachers

Teachers at the Alliance Française are native French-speakers from all around the world.

Most hold university degrees in education or French instruction. We take their educational backgrounds and interpersonal skills into account when hiring.

As a non-profit organization, the Alliances Françaises rely on regular reinvestment in high-quality teaching methods. Most of the time, the Alliances Françaises function as training centres for the teaching staff.

A Unique Place for Total Immersion

Dynamism and academic excellence are key to fulfilling a double mission of disseminating the French language and French speaking cultures.

These linguistic and cultural missions are connected: one enriches the other, and vice versa. This dynamic inter-connection creates a cultural and educational centre.

Learn French by Living French

You can improve your skills by taking advantage of the wide variety of resources available in our media libraries. Or you can test your new linguistic abilities by attending a French-speaking conference or a film screening.

Total immersion is the most efficient method for learning languages. This has been proven by our European counterparts: British Council, Goethe Institute, Instituto Cervantes, Dante Alighieri, Instituto Camoes.

The Alliances Françaises offer a rich linguistic experience, where students advance faster than at any other language school.