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Alliance Française Ottawa

Alliance Française Ottawa

L’Alliance Française Ottawa est à la fois un centre de langues, un centre d’examens et un lieu de rendez-vous culturel offrant nombre d’activités francophones à ses membres et à la communauté, en plus d’un accès à sa médiathèque et à Culturethèque, la bibliothèque numérique du réseau culturel français. L’Alliance Française Ottawa est une organisation canadienne à but non-lucratif proposant des cours de français langue seconde pour les adultes, les entreprises, la fonction publique fédérale. L’Alliance Française Ottawa fait partie d’un vaste réseau international né en 1883, dont les missions sont de diffuser la langue française et de promouvoir les cultures françaises et francophones dans le monde. Dans les 134 pays où elles sont présentes, les Alliances Françaises sont des organismes à but non lucratif de droit local ; l’Alliance Française Ottawa est une association canadienne créée en 1905.

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BBB - Oral B/C - Grammaire C: 12 oct. au 12 nov.
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Réviser et pratiquer le français en ligne n'importe où

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Ciné-Club en ligne spécial famille: courts métrages d'animation

1 au 31 octobre

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Ciné-Club en présentiel "Système K"

15 octobre
19h - 21h

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I tried a course with a very well-known college in Ottawa and it was nowhere near as good as AF.

Cours de groupe de français en ligne – Enseignante Sara Dorafi – 2021

I think it offers a good balance of oral and written compression. The Focus Langue is really useful. The small class size and lots of opportunity for verbal communication with the other students is both useful and enjoyable.

Cours de groupe de français en ligne – Enseignante : Amelle Azzimani – 2021

I have tried a number of language schools and find only AF actually teaches in a manner that wants their students to learn. A number of other institutions within the NCR are just happy to have students pay and not receive adequate training. I am always recommending AF to anyone who mentions they need language training.

Cours de groupe de français en ligne – Enseignante : Sara Dorafi – 2021

I would like to inform you that I really enjoyed A1 course with Jean and would like to register A2. Jean is very patient and engaging teacher and he has a great talent to make students feel comfortable and confident.

Haemi Pollett – Cours de groupe de français en ligne – Enseignant: Jean Carteron – 2021

I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to learn a new language especially as a person with ZERO French background and English as a second language (I’m native Korean). I think his vast experience with students from different background really helped and if possible I would like to have him as my teacher.

Haemi Pollett – Cours de groupe de français en ligne – Enseignant: Jean Carteron – 2021

Je vous remercie Layth pour cet atelier agréable. Je n’étais pas certaine ce que m’attend quand je me suis inscrite à l’atelier B2 Français avancé. C’était un plaisir chaque semaine d’assister à cette classe. J’espère que je peux voyager en France après les restrictions!

Linda Jared – Atelier en ligne « B2 Français avancé » – Enseignant : Layth Al Jalili – 2021

I did very well with Shabnam and would like to continue with her if at all possible.

Cours de groupe de français en ligne – Enseignante: Shabnam Khani – 2021

I started taking online classes because I work full time and I have a small kid. I loved the online platform. You can listen and read again and again. My teacher Marie was absolutely amazing. She is so knowledgeable and patiently answered all my question. Her teaching style is so interactive and makes learning so much fun I wish I could give her million stars!

Yasaman Best – Mon cours en ligne – 2020

I have been taking an online course through Alliance Francaise since the fall of 2019. The course is well structured for independent study. Once weekly for 55 minutes I meet via Skype with a tutor. This has been an excellent augmentation to the self study. I have found the tutor to be very knowledgeable and thorough in her approach. In addition to the regular course work, she has provided me with ‘extra curricular’ activities to aide in the learning process.

Cathie Meehan Chapman – Mon cours en ligne – 2020

Previously I attended (in person)Alliance Francaise in another Province and I found this an excellent way to improve my french. While initially skeptical at online learning, I have found it to be an excellent learning experience and I would not hesitate to suggest it to any student wishing to study the french language.

Cathie Meehan Chapman – Mon cours en ligne – 2020

Online courses using zoom are excellent given there is the ability to screen share, chat (orally and written) and the ability to see one another. I am incredibly grateful that I can continue my courses via zoom and highly recommend e-learning as it is valuable, beneficial and convenient. Marie is an excellent instructor – innovative, prepared, patient, thoughtful and dynamic! I feel very lucky to have her as my professor.

Ashlin Kelly – Préparation ELS en ligne – 2020

I am extremely satisfied with my French course at AF. I am very fortunate to work with my teacher Claudine Verdin. Claudine is a true professional. She is very experienced and takes great care in ensuring that I progress well in my training. Claudine always manages to find training material (like reading material, news articles, videos etc.) to capture my full attention.

Anahit Martirosyan – Cours de français en entreprise en ligne – 2020

It is a true pleasure to work with Claudine. In addition to her professional skills, she is a very caring, genuine and kind person. I really appreciate Claudine’s attitude to learning. During the COVID pandemic, Claudine and I are continuing our classes online. It is greatly appreciated! I enjoy my French course and look forward to my next class every time. Merci beaucoup, Claudine!!! Truly outstanding! My experience has been very positive! Much appreciated!

Anahit Martirosyan – Cours de français en entreprise en ligne – 2020

I began at Alliance Francaise taking group courses from a woman named Sara. The classes were dynamic, fun, and very educational. I learned quickly and enjoyed the group environment. After learning I needed a certain level of fluency for PhD requirements, I changed to private courses. In the private courses we have been able to adapt the curriculum to my specific needs and have been able to use the time really valuably.

Shannon Gallagher – Cours privés en ligne – 2020

The classes are interesting, engaging and it’s easy to learn from such great teachers. They are open to any questions and to spending the time with you to understand difficult topics and grammatical rules. I’ve gone from barely being able to form sentences in the present tense to being able to read articles for my PhD and being able to contribute in discussions at university, in French. Not only have I learned a lot and made truly amazing progress, but I’ve had fun along the way.

Shannon Gallagher – Cours privés en ligne – 2020

I would truly recommend both private and group courses at Alliance Francaise to anyone. It has been an incredibly learning experience with amazing teachers and staff! Whether you are trying to learn a new language for fun or because of professional or academic requirements, Alliance Francaise is definitely the place to do it. Courses here are a worthwhile investment in your education and future.

Shannon Gallagher – Cours privés en ligne – 2020

Situated in Centretown, on MacLaren St between Bank St and O’Connor St, Alliances françaises service is great. The events I have been to so far were awesome—discussion with a guest of honour from Salon du livre de l’Outaouais on his book, two French advance screenings, “Le grand bain” and “Comme des garçons,” the first kick-off Women Soccer World Cup game (France vs South Korea), and the Rosé wine tasting.

Alexandre Henoud – Membre – 2019

They offer great courses, for all ages and levels, in renovated classes for English speakers and others to learn French language and culture, to then get a certificate recognized by Canada and other francophone countries. They always have an exposition in the renovated main room of the house, followed by a “culturethèque” (a type of French cultural centre) where you can borrow books, comics, DVDs, and CDs.

Alexandre Henoud – Membre – 2019

To become a member, $30 per year! This is a fantastic occasion to take advantage of when events approach, so you can benefit of a member price for the wine tasting event for instance.

Alexandre Henoud – Membre – 2019

Great classes and well-qualified teachers! Definitely recommending.

Dilyara Yusupova – Cours de groupe de français – 2019

I am really enjoying my private classes so far as I prepare for my Government French SLE tests. The teacher has a clear understanding of what and how I should approach my studies to reach my goals. The reception office has wonderful staff — they have been excellent in responding to my emails and inquiries in a timely and very friendly manner.

Heather – Cours privés – 2019

A little note to say how much I enjoy and appreciate Guy Hebert’s teaching at Alliance Française Ottawa. He’s patient, creative and supportive, and I’m having more success at this school than I’ve had in other French language training programs.

Karyn Standen – Cours privés 2019

The instructors are engaged and experienced, and the classroom atmosphere is warm and friendly. I highly recommend taking classes here!

Lynda Thrasher – Cours de groupe de français – 2019

I took 20 hours of one-on-one tutoring with Juliette to prepare me for the Public Service’s Second Language Oral Exam. Juliette was a wonderful teacher. On time, organized, patient and pleasant to talk to. Thanks to her tutoring, I felt 100% prepared for the exam. There were no surprises – she covered it all! I was successful in attaining my desired level and would recommend Alliance Francaise any day. Thanks again Karla and Juliette!

Maya – Cours privés 2019

Very good material and infrastructure. Teachers are well qualified and the group classes have a good size (around 10-12 ppl). The material and most of the teachers teach french from France, but they always give us notes when there are differences in Quebec french.

Monique Moledo – Cours de groupe de français – 2019

Very friendly staff & great French & Canadian teachers. Group & individual settings. Very good value for money & they want you to not only learn but excel in French. I recommend anyone who wants to learn or improve their French to take group or individual classes at the Alliance Française of Ottawa, Canada.

Mohamad Abdulrahim – Cours de groupe de français – 2019

Very qualified teachers. Great place to not just learn language but be exposed to French culture. Of note are the various resources and activities you can access to, such as the library, and movies nights etc.

Xena – Cours de groupe de français – 2019

Great instructors!

Edith Bramwell – SLE Préparation – 2019

Great classes and well-qualified teachers! Definitely recommending.

Dilyara Yusupova – French groupe classes – 2019