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French for work

French for work - Ottawa


We get it, you know some French, but it is not enough for you to feel comfortable working in French, close some (sales) deals or communicate efficiently with your most valuable customers.
Speaking English is important but being fluent in French can also open a new avenue of opportunities for your company and your career.


The Alliance Francaise Ottawa now offers a new program designed for professionals who want to add a valuable asset to their professional profile.


For Business owners and managers:

  • Help improve the quality of your services in French
  • Be able to reach out to the 7.8 million French speakers in the country
  • Never miss business opportunities because of the language barrier
  • Play an active role in the implementation of bilingual and francophone policies in the Canadian bilingual context
  • Help your employees and associates reach their goals to learn new language skills and work in French


For employees

  • Don’t miss career opportunities because you can’t work in French
  • Strengthen your relationships with your French speaking clients, colleagues, and employer by adopting their language
  • Learn a new language or brush up your French to improve your writing and speaking skills in order to better communicate with clients, coworkers, and business partners
  • Be part of all meetings and projects which integrate francophone professionals without feeling left out


What we offer

  • Courses that are designed for anyone who needs to improve their language skills in French for professional purposes
  • Training with qualified teachers
  • Real work life examples : Write professional emails, analyze and interpret data, negotiate, take part in a project, etc.







How to enroll?

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Why choose Alliance Française Ottawa

Teaching expertise

  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors recruited for their teaching skills and their passion for the French language
  • The quality of its second language teaching and training programs
  • Teachers committed to help their learners succeed

Francophone immersion

Reknowned language centre

  • An exam centre for internationally recognised French language certifications & diplomas including language tests for immigration purposes
  • Official supplier for the Canadian federal government
  • Expertise recognized internationally : we belong to the worldwide network of Alliance Française schools present in more than 130 countries

Financial advantages

  • Training fees eligible for the tuition tax credit: tax certificates are issued in February showing eligible fees paid for the tax year.
  • No GST. No HST.
  • A non-profit Canadian organisation since 1905