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Oral Language Assessment (OLA) unofficial public service

Assess your oral skills in French as a second language.

Whether you’re a member of a Canadian Public Service hiring committee or a federal employee looking to assess your own level of French proficiency, Alliance Française Ottawa has the ideal solution.

We offer an oral language assessment specially designed to match the format and criteria of the official Public Service Commission test. Our test will enable you to accurately assess your level of language proficiency.

For CA$75, we guarantee detailed feedback based on the criteria assessed by the Public Service Commission, including fluency and elaboration, grammar range and control, vocabulary range and accuracy, pronunciation and comprehension.

What’s more, we’ll evaluate you against the descriptors of European standards, giving you accurate, objective and constructive feedback.

Leave no doubt about your language skills. Opt for our oral test and benefit from a comprehensive and reliable assessment, while preparing yourself for opportunities within the Canadian public service. Alliance Française Ottawa is your trusted partner in your quest for linguistic excellence.

Interested in this service? Contact pedagogie@af.ca to find out more.

The oral language assessment takes place ONLINE on MsTeams or ZOOM.