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Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about classes, exams, cultural activities or anything else?

Check the tabs below for an answer. Please feel free to email info@af.ca if you need more in-depth answers.


What do you do at the Alliance Francaise Ottawa?

The Alliance Française Ottawa is a francophone cultural centre that has the status of a Canadian non-profit association.

Several services are offered:

  • French courses for all levels
  • French language exams
  • Cultural activities throughout the year
  • A media library
  • An online library called Culturethèque

Do you offer English courses?

We only offer French courses at the moment but private English courses can be arranged on request.

What courses do you offer?

  • General French courses: to improve the level of French
  • Workshops: to focus on grammar and/or speaking
  • ELS courses: to prepare for government exams at level B or C
  • My Online Course: Learn everyday French on your own, with an additional hour per week with a teacher to work on oral skills.
  • Private lessons: tailor-made lessons built according to the student’s needs

What French do you teach?

Standard/International French.

Standard French, or International French in Quebec, refers to French without any regional accent or regionalism and whose syntax, morphology and spelling are described in dictionaries, grammar books and writing manuals such as the Bescherelle and Le Bon Usage.

Source: Wikipedia

Do you have a standing offer with the government?

No, but employees are welcome!


How do the courses work?

  • Online courses: Live teaching via Zoom. We can accommodate a maximum of 8 students.
  • In-person classes: Classes are held in our offices at 352 MacLaren Street.

Does the price indicated on the website/flyers include the material?

No, no, neither the registration fee nor the shipping cost.

I would like to register

Have you ever taken a course at AFO?

Yes :

  • Placement test less than one year old : Information on the courses
  • Placement test more than one year old: retake the test

No :

Do you have any knowledge of French

  • No : Complete beginner A1.1 : group course
  • Yes : Placement test


What is the placement test?

The placement test allows us to evaluate the level of a student. It costs $20 and is in 2 parts:

  • Online
  • A 20 minute interview with a teacher by Microsoft Teams to confirm the level.

At the end of the online test, the student will be offered a calendar with appointment times with the teacher.

Do I have to do the placement test

It depends. Complete beginners do not take the test. For those who have some knowledge of French (learned at school, work, duolingo…,) The placement test is compulsory.

I have already been assessed/taken courses with another institution. Should I still do the placement test?

If the student has taken courses or a test at another AF
Less than a year ago: he/she must provide proof of his/her current level and create an account on our site. A free interview with a teacher will confirm the level.

More than one year old: full Ev@lang at the usual price.


If the student has taken courses or a test in another institution than the AF
The placement test is compulsory for non-beginners as we do not have references from other schools.

How do I start the test?

To receive a code:

Pay online with a credit card:
At the top right corner of af.ca /ottawa, click on the red WHAT IS MY LEVEL button.

You’ll receive the test link on your customer receipt as soon as you make your purchase.


I don’t have a credit card:
Create an account and an invoice will be sent with Interac information

The code will be sent after payment is received.


My employer will pay the placement test :
We will send you a placement test quote and an Employer Information form to complete. The link will be sent upon receipt of the signed document.

The invoice will be sent to the contact person in charge of invoices.

I have taken the online test but I don't know which course to choose / I can't register online.

This is normal, the assessment is not yet complete. The second step is the interview with the teacher to confirm your level. For this we need to make an appointment. Are you available on …..?

Once the interview is over, we will send the results by email and registration will be possible in the classes adapted to your level.

Should I contact you to make an appointment with the teacher?

We will contact you as soon as we have received your test results.

You can also contact us by email or telephone to make an appointment.


Do I have to call you on the day of the interview?

The teacher will contact you on the telephone number you gave us when you made the appointment.


I missed the teacher's call, what should I do?

Please contact us by phone or email to arrange a new appointment

My placement test results do not correspond to my level. I think I am better in French.

We can schedule another interview with another teacher if you want a second opinion.



How long does a session last/ How many sessions do you have?

We have 6 sessions during the year.

A session lasts between 8 and 10 weeks.

What is the deadline for registration?

Registrations are still possible if 4 hours of lessons have not been completed and if there is still space available.


Why pay a registration fee?

Because we have operating costs and annual access to Apolearn is included in the $45.

I took the placement test, how can I register?

Who will be in charge of the invoice?

I am responsible for the invoice

Online with a credit card

Log on to the AFO website and click on e- group courses: https://www.af.ca/ottawa/en/cours/french-group-courses/#/

Choose the right course for your level


Without credit card

Which course have you chosen?

We will register you and send you the information for payment by Interac

The invoice will be due within 48 hours or we will have to cancel your registration.


My employer pays for my training

We will send you a quote and an Employer Information form to complete. We will register you on receipt of the signed document.

The invoice will be sent to the invoice contact.

Can I pay my group course in instalments?

The invoice must be paid in full before the start of the course for individuals.

My wife and I want to take a course together - does she have to register too?

At the end of the course, a level test is compulsory in order to move on to the next level. For this, the student must have an account to register.

The course is full, can you still enrol me?

We will check with the course director to see if it is possible.

If the course is already at nine, unfortunately it will not be possible.

I missed a class. Are the lessons recorded? How can I catch up?

The lessons are not recorded, but the teacher can be contacted to help you catch up.

Apolearn also allows you to communicate directly with your teacher and find the exercises seen in class and the assignments for the next session.

If I have missed a morning class - can I go to the evening class?

This is not possible. Depending on the number and level of students, the pace will be different.

Can I cancel a course that has already started?

It is not possible to cancel a course that has already started unless there is medical evidence

(NB: employer’s agreement is required if paid by employer)

I don't think I'm on the right course. Can I change?

  • If the level is too high for the student: we can enrol you in the lower level
  • If the level is too low for the student: We can reschedule a free interview with another teacher and see with the course director.


I want to take private lessons. How do I go about it?

First we need to know your level. Have you done the placement test?

If so, we will send you an email with a preference form to fill in with your availability and your objectives. Our colleague Laila will then contact you with a proposal.

If no: we need to know your level first. For this, I invite you to start the placement test which is on the top right of our website.

We will send you the documents to complete after the interview with the teacher.

I am a beginner and would like to take private lessons

We recommend that beginners start with group lessons before taking private lessons.

This is because you will make faster progress, especially in oral skills (listening and speaking) with other people than with a teacher alone.


Can I pay for my private lessons in instalments?

The invoice must be paid in full before the start of the course for individuals

Can I have a Quebecois or non-Quebecois teacher?

It depends on the availability of teachers

Can I choose the teacher for my private lessons?

The choice of teacher depends on the availability of the teacher and the objectives of the student.

Important: any discrimination by a teacher will not be tolerated at AFO. The student in question will be banned for life.


I have to take a language test, I don't know which one to choose

Ev@lang: assessment tool specific to certain Alliances Françaises. IS NOT RECOGNISED FOR IMMIGRATION AND/OR UNIVERSITY REGISTRATION


  Diplômes Résidence Permanente Citoyenneté Raisons professionnelles, académiques ou personnelles Québec Validité
CCIP/Français des Affaires TEF 5 épreuves X 2 ans
TEF Canada 4 épreuves x 2 ans
TEF Canada 2 épreuves x 2 ans
TEFAQ x 2 ans
France Éducation internationale TCF Canada 4 épreuves x 2 ans
TCF TP x 2 ans
DELF x À vie
DALF x A vie

What is the difference between the TEF Canada and the TCF Canada

Both exams are recognized by the Canadian Immigration Service

The TEF is offered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and costs $390. The results are sent directly by email.

The TCF is offered by France éducation internationale and costs $400. The results are sent directly by email.

There is no date available on the website. When is the next exam?

If there are no dates available on our website, the next dates will be available next month

Can I take the exam online?

The exam must be taken at an official test centre to ensure the validity of the results.

To find the nearest examination centre, please consult the Business French or France Éducation Internationale websites.

When do the results arrive?

The results are sent 4 to 8 weeks after the examination.

Can you give me my test results by phone or email?

This information is confidential. Only the person who took the exam or a person with a proxy can access the results by mail, by picking them up in person or by email.

Do I have enough points?

Is it possible to take French university exams at the AFO?

Yes, these are the delocalised exams. We must be contacted at least 4 weeks before.


Do I have to be a member to participate in cultural activities?

It is not compulsory but you must have an account with us.

I have a cultural project to propose to you. Who can I talk to?

We invite you to contact our colleague at culture@af.ca


What payment methods are available

  • Credit card: Visa, MasterCard and Amex
  • Interac
  • Cheque
  • Payment terminal
  • Credit and reimbursement

Do you work with the French Embassy?

We are a Canadian association that works in partnership with the French Embassy.

To contact them: 613-789-1795



Do you work with the Lycée Claudel?

They are our partners. Please contact them directly if you need information.

Why choose Alliance Française Ottawa

Teaching expertise

  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors recruited for their teaching skills and their passion for the French language
  • The quality of its second language teaching and training programs
  • Teachers committed to help their learners succeed

Francophone immersion

Reknowned language centre

  • An exam centre for internationally recognised French language certifications & diplomas including language tests for immigration purposes
  • Expertise recognized by the Canadian federal government
  • Expertise recognized internationally : we belong to the worldwide network of Alliance Française schools present in more than 130 countries

Financial advantages

  • Training fees eligible for the tuition tax credit: tax certificates are issued in February showing eligible fees paid for the tax year.
  • No GST. No HST.
  • A non-profit Canadian organisation since 1905