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I really like learning french at AF Ottawa. I love the teachers I had, they were very knowledgeable, they encouraged me to speak and to not be afraid to make mistakes. They made me feel very comfortable and confident during this process.

I also like Apolearn very much. Wow, everything is there, what we saw in class, I can communicate with other students and much more!

I’m glad the AF Ottawa offers lots of courses online, since we moved far from a big city, it’s the only way I can take classes from a reliable source.
But I know if I would like to join any activity in person, the AF Ottawa offers lots of them.

I highly recommend AF Ottawa !


Courses taken (2023)

General French courses         Oral workshop





I wanted to thank Karim and Alliance Française Ottawa for helping me to achieve my goal – B in SLE oral test.

I am amazed by how Karim was able to refresh my grammar, correct all the mistakes including pronunciation and give plenty of valuable advice and material within such a short period of time – only a month. Everything was super helpful and I am beyond thankful!
The teacher definitely knows the exam structure well and can guide you, specially if is your first experience with the SLE.

The reception staff is also very helpful. They always reply fast to my questions, and are thorough in their responses.

I previously took Business French with Chitra and regular courses with Henri, and was happy with the program and my progress. All the teachers that I was dealing with were friendly professional, I loved the atmosphere in the group.


Courses taken (2022-2023)

SLE preparation courses       General French courses        Business French





As someone who started the French language learning journey later in life, and after trying different learning opportunities and methods, I truly enjoy learning French with Alliance Française (AF) Ottawa! Whether you are a new learner, need a refresher, or just want to maintain your French language skills, here are my 5 reasons for learning French with this great organization!

#1 AF Ottawa has a wide range of learning offerings, from French language used in professional work settings, second language training and evaluation for the public service, general French learning courses, workshops, etc., you will be able to find something that is suitable for your language level, learning needs, and comfort level.

#2 There are awesome and professional instructors who give great advice, pointers, and encouragement as you progress through your French language learning adventure.

#3 Whether it is virtual or in-person learning, using online applications and programs for learning, interactive books, audio and video clips, there are different and dynamic learning tools, media and methods to keep you engaged.

#4 AF Ottawa, located in the Ottawa-Gatineau area where both French and English are actively used, offers many social events that you can attend and participate to explore the region and its many cultural attractions.

#5 Keep on learning after your courses are done! AF Ottawa offers connections with Culturethèque platform so you can further explore the fabulous and great French culture via books, music, history, etc. using the language that you have learned!


Courses taken (2022-2023)

SLE preparation courses       General French courses





Achieving a C level on the ELS Oral Language Assessment in March was one of the highlights of this year! And without a doubt, the SLE Oral C course at the Alliance Française helped me achieve this goal. The course was structured to allow everyone to actively participate in conversational exercises on topics and issues similar to those found on the exam. My teacher’s feedback on areas for improvement and online learning materials was definitely helpful. Many thanks to Iryna for giving me tips and the confidence I needed to pass the exam!


Courses taken (2023)

SLE preparation courses





I am very happy with my French Training from Alliance Francaise. It was very important that I reach the language requirement of my position in a specific timeframe, and they helped me do that. My teacher, Iryna, was great. She was very supportive and patient. She helped me pinpoint the things I didn’t know and learn them in a timely manner. She used several different strategies, including the online platform Apolearn, the AF books (Edito Pro) and exercises that she had amassed from her French training. I would recommend AF to colleagues.


Courses taken (2022)

Customized courses




I started to take general French classes with Alliance Francaise Ottawa since moving to

Ottawa during the pandemic. I was able to be part of a supportive community of French

language learners who were also undertaking the same journey. At the beginning, my goal

was to revisit French learning, develop confidence and become familiar with general topics

and vocabulary. I thoroughly enjoyed class discussions and the hard work that each

instructor put in to make classes as interactive as possible and tailored to an online setting.

After taking a few general French courses, I wanted to continue my learning at Alliance

Francaise Ottawa by focusing on my French oral communication skills. I was pleased to

learn that there are numerous specialized course offerings, including a French Oral



I benefitted from this workshop as it pushed me out of my comfort zone and

I learned to think and communicate spontaneously related to various discussion topics. I

carried this skill bit by bit to my workplace where I tried to initiate and respond to

correspondences in French, in written or verbal form. Finally, I took the SLE BBB

preparation course at Alliance Francaise Ottawa to prepare myself for the Government of

Canada second language evaluation exams. In this intensive course, I learned so much

from my instructor and colleagues as we covered a variety of useful workplace

grammar, vocabulary, and expressions.


I was successful in my SLE exams and have been grateful for individualized feedback and

groupwork in this course but also in all my other courses with Alliance Francaise Ottawa.

My French language-learning journey is still in progress as I continue to set my goals

and think about the next competency/skill that I would like to improve.

I would recommend to everyone to take advantage of Alliance Francaise

Ottawa’s vast course offerings and cultural events that allow for full French language

and cultural immersion.


Courses taken (2020-2022)

General French courses                     SLE preparation                   Oral workshop



I truly enjoyed my course with Alliance Française, especially with the guidance of my teacher Shabnam Khani. Shabnam  made me feel very comfortable to express myself in French with no judgments and she made conversations fun. I feel that I have fully progressed on my French by taking semi-private classes with Alliance Française and I will totally recommend this school to anyone looking to improve their French for work or personal reasons.


Courses taken (2019-2022)

General French courses




I took a SLE C level preparation course focused on the oral component and I found the instructor and the staff extremely welcoming and professional. The course was focused on preparing students to attain their level C on the Public Service exams and everyone was motivated. The instructor was obviously very experienced and took a personal and active interest in each of the students, facilitating conversational exercises aimed at helping each with what they requred to attain their goals.


Courses taken (2020)

SLE preparation