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French training for Federal government and public service



Federal test preparation (Preparation for the Second Language Evaluation for the Public Service) 

Our Federal tests preparation classes take place ONLINE.





SLE course preparation

Are you a federal employee or interested in joining the Canadian public service? Do you need to pass the Second Language Evaluation? Would you like to reach level BBB, CBC/CCC, Oral B or Oral C on government tests?

Alliance Française Ottawa offers preparation courses for the various Canadian Public Service Commission tests.

These are part-time group courses:


Group learning at Alliance Française Ottawa

At Alliance Française Ottawa, we believe in the effectiveness of individualized learning. That’s why all our new learners take a placement test that positions them on the European standard scale. This precision enables us to form homogeneous groups, where each learner is exactly where he or she needs to be.

Here are the advantages of our level-based group courses:

  1. Targeted learning: Our groups are designed to precisely meet the needs of each learner and the group, guaranteeing optimal progress for everyone.
  2. Dynamic, balanced social interaction: Studying with peers of the same level encourages richer, more stimulating exchanges, improving understanding and communication.
  3. Increased, shared motivation: Learners feel more comfortable and motivated when they are at a level that suits them, which translates into rapid and lasting progress. Group emulation boosts motivation.
  4. Reinforced confidence: Being in a group with a similar level helps to build self-confidence, which in turn leads to better oral and written expression.

Join Alliance Française Ottawa for a personalized learning experience that maximizes your chances of success. Reach your language goals with level groups adapted to your needs. Discover the excellence of group learning at Alliance Française Ottawa today!


Federal tests preparation

Level BBB preparation

During this group test preparation course for the Canadian public service, you will perfect your grammar and vocabulary skills while strengthening your comprehension and expression, both written and oral. Our goal is to prepare you thoroughly for the reading, writing and speaking tests, so that you can successfully achieve the BBB profile.

From B1.1 level

New students must take the orientation test.

SLE Preparation course

Level CBC/CCC preparation

Our group course offers comprehensive preparation for written and oral exams, with a clear objective: to achieve CBC or CCC levels. Through a review of essential notions, both basic and advanced, as well as simulation exercises, you’ll be optimally prepared to pass your next written and oral exams.

From B1.4 level

New students must take the orientation test.

Federal tests preparation

Preparation for oral language assessment: Oral B or Oral C

These two courses focus entirely on your oral expression and comprehension, preparing you optimally for your next oral language assessment.

Through themed exploration of authentic documents, group activities, informal discussions with your peers and mock exams, you’ll make rapid progress towards your goal, guided by our experienced teachers.

Our teachers are here to help you overcome your challenges, sharing tips and techniques for effectively answering the questions posed during your oral language assessment.

Oral B: from B1.1 level

Oral C: from B1.4 level

New students must take the orientation test.

Written and Reading tests preparation course – level C

This course offers a program focused on consolidating reading comprehension and written expression. It includes a thorough review of grammatical rules and a broadening of your vocabulary.

Through a variety of stimulating exercises and mock tests, you’ll benefit from personalized coaching, with corrections and contrasting explanations provided by our experienced teaching team.

From B1.4 level

New students must take the orientation test.

Alliance Française Ottawa follows the European framework for Languages, also called CEFR, adopted by the European Commission and all around the world. Your progression is therefore supervised, following official and recognised norms.

The CEFR describes foreign language proficiency in reading, listening, speaking and writing from beginner to the more advanced level: A1/A2, B1/B2, C1 and C2.

Next Sessions

SLE BBB (From B1.1)

*In addition for new students: $45 yearly registration fee

SLE CBC (From B1.4)

*In addition for new students: $45 yearly registration fee

SLE Oral B (From B1.1)

*In addition for new students: $45 yearly registration fee

SLE Oral C (From B1.4)

*In addition for new students: $45 yearly registration fee

SLE Written and Reading Tests (From B1.4)

*In addition for new students: $45 yearly registration fee

How to enroll?

“A1.1 level classes are designed for new students who have never studied French before and have no knowledge of the French language.”

  • New student at AF Ottawa? Take the orientation test in order to assess your level in listening, reading, grammar, and vocabulary.

To complete your placement test:

You will have an orientation interview with one of our specialist French as a second language teachers via MS Teams, by choosing an appointment date on the calendar at the end of the test to complete the assessment of your level.

Choose your course

With the help of one of our teachers and our team at the reception, choose the course that fits your goals and your schedule.

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Why choose Alliance Française Ottawa

Teaching expertise

  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors recruited for their teaching skills and their passion for the French language
  • The quality of its second language teaching and training programs
  • Teachers committed to help their learners succeed

Francophone immersion

Reknowned language centre

  • An exam centre for internationally recognised French language certifications & diplomas including language tests for immigration purposes
  • Expertise recognized by the Canadian federal government
  • Expertise recognized internationally : we belong to the worldwide network of Alliance Française schools present in more than 130 countries

Financial advantages

  • Training fees eligible for the tuition tax credit: tax certificates are issued in February showing eligible fees paid for the tax year.
  • No GST. No HST.
  • A non-profit Canadian organisation since 1905