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French workshops

French Grammar and conversation From elementary to the advanced level - Small Group




Alliance Française Ottawa offers 4 French workshops to help you put your French skills into practice and gain confidence:

FRENCH GRAMMAR French workshops

french workshops

The intermediate grammar workshop focuses on 3 areas: Verbs and conjugationNominal group and Complex speech. It is designed especially for intermediate learners and francophones with a high level in oral communication.


  • Increase overall knowledge on French grammar
  • Improve writing skills, more specifically for professional communication such as emails and reports.

New students must take the Evalang orientation test.

Oral (FRENCH speaking)

french workshops

This online conversation workshop is based on everyday themes, to improve your oral skills while enriching your vocabulary. Discussion topics will focus on simple communication situations for daily life in order to encourage learners to communicate verbally.


  • Enrich vocabulary
  • Develop one’s ability to communicate orally
  • Become more comfortable in everyday conversations

french workshops

The program of this workshop is based on authentic francophone documents to encourage speaking along with listening comprehension. Discussion topics will focus on everyday French in order to encourage learners to communicate verbally.


  • Practice watching / listening to francophone audio visual programs (TV series, commercials, etc.) and discuss them
  • Develop one’s ability to communicate orally by discussing various topics
  • Become more fluent in everyday conversations
  • Enrich vocabulary by reading different types of texts (comics, magazines, newspapers, etc.)

New students must take the Evalang orientation test.


The Oral B2 workshop is a conversation workshop. It offers the study of authentic documents to enrich speaking and listening skills in French. Discussions will focus on everyday topics to encourage oral exchanges between students and to review French advanced grammar.


  • Develop their ability to express themselves in oral and enrich their vocabulary by talking about different topics and discussing current issues
  • Participate with ease in an everyday conversation

New students must take the Evalang orientation test.




Intermediate Grammar & Oral (B1)

*In addition for new students: $45 yearly registration fee

Oral B2

*In addition for new students: $45 yearly registration fee

Alliance Française Ottawa follows the European framework for Languages, also called CEFR, adopted by the European Commission and all around the world. Your progression is therefore supervised, following official and recognised norms.

The CEFR describes foreign language proficiency in reading, listening, speaking and writing from beginner to the more advanced level: A1/A2, B1/B2, C1 and C2.

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How to enroll?

“A1.1 level classes are designed for new students who have never studied French before and have no knowledge of the French language.”

To complete your test Evalang:

You will have an orientation interview with one of our French as a second language teachers, in person at our location or by phone, to complete your level assessment.

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to book an appointment.

Choose your course

With the help of one of our teachers and our team at the reception, choose the course that fits your goals and your schedule.

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Why choose Alliance Française Ottawa

Teaching expertise

  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors recruited for their teaching skills and their passion for the French language
  • The quality of its second language teaching and training programs
  • Teachers committed to help their learners succeed

Francophone immersion

Reknowned language centre

  • An exam centre for internationally recognised French language certifications & diplomas including language tests for immigration purposes
  • Official supplier for the Canadian federal government
  • Expertise recognized internationally : we belong to the worldwide network of Alliance Française schools present in more than 130 countries

Financial advantages

  • Training fees eligible for the tuition tax credit: tax certificates are issued in February showing eligible fees paid for the tax year.
  • No GST. No HST.
  • A non-profit Canadian organisation since 1905