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Diplômes d’Aptitude à l’Enseignement du Français Langue Etrangère

daefleThe DAEFLE (Diplôme d’Aptitude à l’Enseignement du Français Langue Étrangère) is designed for anyone preparing to teach or already teaching French to a non-French speaking public in France or abroad.
It allows students to acquire or update their professional knowledge and skills and to validate them with a recognized diploma issued jointly by the Alliance Française de Paris and the Centre National d’Éducation à Distance (CNED).


In 10 months of training, you will :

  • acquire the methodological and pedagogical bases for teaching FLE
  • benefit from personalized feedback from tutors and correctors from a training platform
  • exchange with students from your class via the forums

For more details on the DAEFLE, visit the website of the Alliance Française de Paris

The Alliance Française Ottawa acts only as a testing center for the FINAL EXAM.

If you have any questions about the access test (see steps 1 and 2 below) or the online training (see step 3 below), please contact the Alliance Française de Paris.

The DAEFLE candidate’s pathway :

  • Step 1: Registration for the access test at the Alliance Française de Paris
  • Step 2: online access test, from home
  • Step 3: online training at CNED/AFPIF
  • Step 4: Final exam at the Alliance Française Ottawa
  • Step 5 : DAEFLE diploma



Final Exam

The DAEFLE is a private institution diploma, obtained after having followed a complete training of 480 hours with the CNED, and having passed the three tests of the final exam of the Alliance française Paris Ile-de-France.


To register for the final exam, you must have validated six modules with the CNED (five fundamental and one specialization).

The final exam includes 2 tests:

  • a transversal test in two parts
  • a specialization test.

The transversal test is based on the knowledge acquired in all the fundamental modules (Didactics, Phonetics, Grammar, Evaluation in FLE, Observation and class guidance).

To learn more, download the training sheet.

Schedule and fees

Test date Registration dates Registration fees
June 7 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

December 7th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Until May 2nd

Until October 31st



Choose your exam:


  • A $75 non-refundable fee will be charged for cancellations or test date changes made before the registration deadline.
  • No refunds or test date changes will be accepted after the registration deadline.
  • Full payment is required at the time of registration.
  • No credits or refunds will be given outside of the above deadlines unless the Alliance Française cancels the test, in which case another date will be offered, or a full refund will be given.

How to enroll?

Documents to be uploaded for registration :

  1. Completed and signed registration form
  2. Valid identification document
  3. Certificate of completion of the 6 modules

Payment methods accepted: certified check, money order, Visa, Mastercard, cash or personal check. Full payment required at the time of registration.

Online registration only

How to register:

Start by create an account: https://afottawa.extranet-aec.com/students/register

If you already have an account (former candidate or student), log in: https://afottawa.extranet-aec.com/students/login

Select the “Exams” section to choose the exam date that suits you.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to upload the completed and signed form, your ID and the certificate of completion of the 6 modules for your file to be complete.

 Online payment by credit card only.


Preparing for the final exam

Candidates will receive an official invitation containing the exact test times and the candidate manual by email 5-10 days before the test.

Please allow a full day for the test (9am-5pm).

The day of the exam

You must present yourself at the approved center with your invitation and valid identification.

Any candidate WITHOUT VALID ID will be refused access to the exam; no exceptions will be made.

After verifying your identity, the person in charge of the approved center or the invigilator(s) will tell you where you should sit in the examination room.

The tests are paper-based. You will be required to leave your identification in plain view on the table throughout the test so that your identity can be verified during the test.

No one is allowed to leave the test room during the test, except in case of emergency or in case of a health problem reported by the candidate before the beginning of the test and justified by a medical certificate.

Throughout the tests, candidates are not allowed to communicate with each other or with the outside world.

No latecomers are allowed in the room once the test has begun.

In the event of serious misconduct on the part of a candidate (disrupting the test, copying from another candidate, communicating or attempting to communicate with other candidates or with the outside world, etc.), the candidate is liable to immediate dismissal from the examination room and to a ban on taking the examination for a period defined by the AFPIF.

After the exam

The Alliance Française Ottawa will contact the candidates upon receipt of the diplomas, which can be picked up in person during our business hours.