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Delf B2 preparation

DELF B2 Preparation

How to prepare for DELF B2

Prepare online for DELF B2 with PrepMyDELF!

Exercises, sample papers, techniques and advice in DELF B2 preparation platform.

DELF B2 Preparation


PrepMyDELF is 100% online self-study platform that will help you practice for your Delf B2 exam wherever you are, at your own pace and with an interface easy to use. In this online DELF B2 preparation course, you have all the makings to improve your level in French and take your DELF B2.



Content of the DELF B2 training:

PrepMyDELF is a complete preparation for all modules of DELF B2:

Written comprehension, written expression, oral comprehension and oral expression

Included Activities:

  • 1 placement test

Your level in French will be determined by this test.

  • 2 mock exams

These exams are designed module by module with chronometer under real exam conditions. By taking them, you get familiar with the DELF B2 format and you can get an estimate of your score.

  • 24 course sheets

All examples, strategies, vocabulary, grammar and conjugation recaps are available in these lesson sheets.

  • More than 1000 exercises

These exercises are accompanied by the corrections in French and in English.


The technology of PrepMyDELF helps you identify your strength and weaknesses to review better and obtain the best result.

Your registration is valid one year.

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