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TEF Preparation

Get ready for TEF online and at your own pace

What is the best way to prepare for TEF? PrepMyTEF

TEF exam sample papers, Exercises, techniques and advice all included on the TEF preparation platform

TEF Preparation


PrepMyTEF, the official online TEF preparation, is a 100% online self-study platform. It allows you to get ready for all types of TEF (TEF Canada, TEFaq, TEF Naturalisation, TEF 5 épreuves). By the modern and easy to use interface of PrepMyTEF, you get ready for TEF in actual exam conditions wherever you are and at your own pace. On the PrepMyTEF platform, you access exercises adapted to your level and targeted to improve your weaknesses to take the TEF exam.


TEF Preparation

Content of the TEF preparation course:

Written comprehension, Oral comprehension, Lexicon and structure, Written expression, Oral expression

Included activities:

  • 1 TEF diagnostic
  • Method sheets for every type of question
  • Adaptative trainings for every course sheet
  • 3 complet official mock exams
  • 2 Tests simulations on the shorter TEF Naturalisation format
  • 2 Official mock exams on the specific TEF Résidence format
  • Grammar and vocabulary recaps
  • +1650 exercises + corrections in English and French

The technology of PrepMyTEF helps you identify your strength and weaknesses to review better and obtain the best result.

Your registration is valid one year.

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