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The Ruffled Forest – An all audiences play

In The Ruffled Forest, Racine is a little boy like no other, whose forest has grown on his head, but no one has noticed. Fleeing his worrying grandmother and his mocking friends, he runs to take refuge there. It is then the beginning of a frantic race, causing an extraordinary series of metamorphoses. Helped in his adventures by his faithful friend Meï, he will gradually grow up and learn to overcome his fears to better meet himself and others. Through this initiatory journey, the choreographers depict with grace and gentleness the world of childhood, the difficulty and pleasure of growing up. A place of withdrawal and abandonment, of danger and wonder, the forest has nourished the imagination since the dawn of time. It becomes for Racine an ambivalent place that he will have to discover and tame to better grow up and know himself.






Augmented Reality Tour – Uramado

Inspired by Japanese folklore, Uramado reveals the story of the Tanukis, nature spirits who live hidden among us and can transform into anything they desire. Each participant is invited to seek them out and awaken them to discover their message.

The Tanukis, nature spirits from Japanese mythology, come to invade the Alliance Française Ottawa. These fantastic creatures question our daily lives and interact with your answers, making you discover your true self!

By working her colorful images with augmented reality, Julie Stephen Chheng uses the phone as a wonderful filter on reality, thus closely blending the space in which the images are placed and the proposed virtual universe.




Café discussion en ligne

Online Café Discussion

Share an online breakfast in French with us and talk about the news!

Activity animated by a French teacher.

Open to all French levels






Cours de Zumba à Ottawa - Decathlon

Zumba class in French

Ready to get your groove on? Join us every Saturday at 4:30 pm for a fiery Zumba class with our awesome French and Zumba teacher Marianna!

We do sports while practicing our French!

The course will take place at the Ottawa Decathlon

1055 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1K 3B1






Online speak dating

An original and fun activity to speak French: you chat in French with other people and switch to a different participant every 5 minutes.

Open to all French levels