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March 8, 2019 to April 27, 2019
Alliance Française Ottawa

352 MacLaren Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 0M6

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For nearly 180 years that comics exist, male heroes hold, for the majority, the main role. It is clear that in the crowd of comic characters, feminine figures remains in the minority and are often tied to common stereotypes : women have their place in comics, alongside the hero, ready to help him, or heal him in case of a hard blow. From this statement , Lyon BD Festival and the scenarist JC Deveney invited around twenty authors, in which we count 5 canadians, to imagine and create the female representation of a comic’s hero of their choice. The parity as a part in the creation because 10 men and 10 women participated to this exhibition. A real reflection has been initiated around the issue of gender n comics for this exhibition where the main masculine figures have been replaced by female figures as powerful as the male ones.

Participants : Yan Le Pon (Gold of the Dead), Jean-Yves Ferri (Astérix), Hélène Becquelin (Angry Mum), Florence Dupré La Tour (Cruelle), Jérôme Jouvray (Lincoln), Boulet (Notes), Efix (12 rue Royale et les 7 défis gourmands), Nancy Peña (Les nouvelles aventures du Chat Botté), B-gnet (Santiago), Marie Avril (Confidences à Allah)…

Exhibition made by Lyon BD Organisation and JC Deveney.

As a non-profit society, Alliance Française Ottawa relies on the generosity of individuals and organizations to bring our programs to audiences all over Ottawa. As a charity, we will provide an official tax receipt on demand.