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Federal government and public service training

Get ready for the SLE – Second Language Evaluation Test

You are a Federal government employee, and you need to reach either your BBB, oral B or oral C level in French government tests. Alliance Française Ottawa offers written/reading comprehension and oral preparation courses for the Second Language Evaluation of the Public Service Commission of Canada

Course offer for Federal Public Service is composed of Federal group courses (part time) :

How to enrol?

Test your level online (for new students)

Our free online test allows you to test your reading and writing skills.

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Meet a teacher for an oral assessment

Please complete the free online test by a free oral assessment with an instructor. He/She will evaluate your listening and speaking skills. This complementary oral assessment can be performed over the phone or in person at our location.

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Choose your course

With the help of a teacher, choose the course that fits your goals and your schedule.

Please note: registration closing date will be 72 hours prior to the course.
Late registration: students will be put on a waiting list.

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Why study at Alliance Française Ottawa

1/ A pedagogical approach suited to your needs

Our instructors use public service training material for both levels B and C. They use the proper tools required to prepare you for the new version of the language proficiency test. Genuine and unaltered documents issued by various federal departments and agencies are also used as complementary material.

Alliance Française Ottawa also uses daily updated Internet resources offering public service employees a variety of stimulating learning tools such as video news reports, periodicals, and computer and/or television animations.

Your progress is regularly evaluated and before the exam you will be placed in interview situations similar to those you will face during the test.


2/ A personalised approach

We are aware that leaving your position and finding yourself in a learning pattern, or preparing for an exam, can be particularly stressful. As a result, we attach a great importance to the psychological factors influencing the final results.

We ensure that the various activities involved in the training meet your personal objectives. We meet you on regular basis to evaluate your progress and to find with you any learning alternatives to ensure your success.

3/ More than just a language school!

L’Alliance Française Ottawa is not only a language school. It is also a cultural centre offering an abundance of services—from a resource centre where one can borrow documents, audiovisual material, periodicals, books and CDs, to a meeting place where various cultural activities such as conferences, debates, movie nights, and exhibitions are held. You can be constantly immersed in a friendly francophone environment.

I am very pleased with the course and my teacher. He really knows the specifics of the exam and gave us very valuable information and knowledge. Thank you!

Diana T. SLE preparation 2018

I really appreciated all the help my teacher provided me in preparing for my SLE tests. He was able to adapt the lessons work with my learning style. Thanks to him. I feel much more confident and prepared for my test.

Dixie G. Sle preparation 2018

I really liked that this course was fast paced and covered all of the basic material needed for the written exam (like a “crash course” review). The teacher was excellent at making sure everyone understood. Will likely come back again and recommend to others.

Brandon C. SLE preparation 2018